Learning a foreign language earlier

In Turkey students begin to learn foreign languages in fourth year of their education but it is late for learning foreign languages. It is better for students and for our country, if they start earlier.

Brain of children is fresh at early ages and like an empty board. Whatever you write on this board, children learn it very quickly. They imitate what their parents do and what people do around them. They repeat whatever they hear. They learn everything very quickly and they don not forget things they learn at early ages.

If we start to teach our children a foreign language earlier both they will like foreign languages and will speak it easily. At early ages they will be able to introduce themselves but now they have just start to learn how to introduce themselves in fourth year of their education and it is too late for them.

Speaking in another languages is becoming more and more important day by day. In our country we have just began to understand importance of learning another language. In the other countries children start to learn foreign languages in kindergarden, they know how to introduce themselves, numbers, days, months and so on but we don not know anything till we are 11. In this condition other countries are more educated than us in learning languages.

While we are struggling to learn our first foreign language, they start to learn second one or third one. For example┬╗ in AB countries %89 of students know English, % 32 of them know French, %18 of them know Germany and % 8 of them know Spanish.┬╗ But in Turkey we do not even have enough teacher to teach English. So we must do something and catch up them.

At early ages, it can be difficult to learn grammar structure of a language, so we must just teach something easy and basic to children. These can be alphabet, how to introduce yourself, names of countries, numbers, days, months or something enjoyable for them such as learning songs, names of animals, games based on learning languages.

As a conclusion, we must realize the value of fresh brain of our children and utilize it. The first step to do about learning foreign languages is start to learn them earlier. In my humble opinion, the earlier they learn the foreign languages, the more they will be successful.